Lindsay Lohan walks off flight to LA ahead of court date, takes private flight and arrives an hour early

By Gina DiFalco,

Lindsay Lohan isn’t letting missing a flight stop her from making her court date in Los Angeles. On Monday morning, she took a private flight from New York to LA to make her 8:30am court date.

TMZ reported yesterday that Lohan jumped off of her flight to LA in JFK airport on Sunday, right before it was scheduled to take off. It isn’t clear why she left the flight, but she was in such a rush to get off of the plane that she left her bags there.

Sources close to the Liz and Dick actress say, however, that she wasn’t the only one to exit the flight and that 35 other passengers also left because it was believed there was a fuel leak.

Insiders close to the actress told E! News that she did eventually catch a private flight to LA to make her court date this morning, stemming from her lying to cops incident in relation to her June 2012 car crash.

E!’s insiders say that the reason Lohan got off the plane yesterday was because she was anxious about flying alone.



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