Lindsay Lohan is willing to gamble jail time in order to fight house arrest

By Christopher Rosa,

The criminal justice system is giving Lindsay Lohan her seemingly thousandth slap on the wrist. The Los Angeles City Attorney is reportedly offering Lohan house arrest to end her charges for lying to the cops. However, Lohan apparently is willing to risk jail time and fight in court for no punishments at all.

TMZ reports the Santa Monica City Attorney decided to change their desire for Lohan to undergo lockdown rehab to only a 90-day house arrest.

Lohan’s attorney Mark Heller is reportedly fighting with prosecutors over the amount of house arrest his client should serve. However, Lohan allegedly does not want any house arrest—or any consequence for that matter.

Sources tell TMZ Lohan’s case has a 75% chance of going to trial in two weeks because the actress hopes the judge will show her some mercy.

This is not the first time Lohan wanted no penalty for her legal woes. TMZ reported Lohan rejected a plea bargain for the same lying-to-the-cops charge in February.

Lindsay, we think you need to take the deal.



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