London Underground restores ‘Mind the Gap’ recording for widow

By Alexi Knock,

When a widow wrote to the London Underground to get a recording of her husband’s “mind the gap” announcement, it sparked the Tube to completely restore the recording in its Embankment station.

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According to The Associated Press, Margaret McCollum recently wrote to the Tube saying that she used to frequent the Embankment station just to hear the sound of her husband’s voice saying “mind the gap.” When she discovered the recording wasn’t being used anymore, she wanted a copy.

In response, the Tube wrote saying it tracked down Oswald Lawrence’s 40-year-old recording and gave it to her on a CD. The staff is now working to use the recording at McCollum’s station.

McCollum told CBC News of the media attention, “I had no idea this was going to happen — I'm very touched by all the interest in it.”

According to BBC News, McCollum met her actor husband in 1992 on a tour to Morocco.

The London Underground’s “mind the gap” message has had several voices since it was first used in the 1960s. Before the recordings, train employees would yell out the warnings.

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