Louis C.K. gets interrupted by woman who thinks his boots are sexy (Video)

By Daniel S Levine,

One person in the audience at a Louis C.K. performance obviously didn’t see the episode of Louie where the stand-up comic went after a heckler. A woman interrupted his jokes to yell out that she thought his boots were sexy, and C.K. took that as an opportunity to explain that you never ever do that.

In a video of C.K.’s performance at a New York City Center benefit, a woman clearly yells, “I think your boots are really sexy.” C.K. stops, asks, “What?” and the woman repeats it.

“Thank you. Maybe tell me that later instead of during a performance,” he replied, reports The Huffington Post.

“It is not appropriate to yell s**t at me right now,” he explains. “If you yell at someone on the street, you're not ruining a show for 2,500 f**king people.”

C.K. then explains that there are only two people that you should never interrupt: him and a pilot flying a plane. He also adds in a ballerina.

A Gawker commenter noted that the woman interrupted C.K. 30 minutes later and he went after her again, calling her mean spirited and repeated many of the comments he made in the famous Louie episode.

The video was posted on YouTube earlier this month, but was noticed after it was posted on Reddit.

Here’s a clip from Louie’s heckler bit:



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