The many 'almost' names of the iPhone (Video)

By Deana DeLisio,

Ken Segall, Apple Inc.’s previous advertising head, has revealed the different names that the iPhone almost had before it became the iPhone.

While speaking to students in a marketing class at the University of Arizona, Segall stated that the phone was almost called the TelePod, the iPad, or the Mobi, as stated in The Los Angeles Times.

Before the phone came out in 2007, the company had the name “iPhone,” but had thought up of these other names just in case, reported ABC News.

The TelePod was thought to be a good name because the phone does have three functions- to play music, the telephone and an Internet browser. The “iPad” was almost used as a name as this is before the actual iPad was invented, and the Mobi was thought to be a shortened name for the word “mobile.”

It is up for discussion whether or not the phone would have sold as well if it did have a different name.

The presentation that Segall had given the University’s students can be seen on below:



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