Matthew Keys, Reuters, charged with helping Anonymous hack Tribune Co.

By Steven Mitchell,

A Reuters employee is charged with helping hackers sneak into the systems of the Los Angeles Times and parent the Tribune Co.

According to Forbes, Matthew Keys, social media producer at Reuters, has been charged with three counts of hacking associated felonies. The indictment from the Department of Justice could put Keys behind bars for 10 years and have him face a fine up to $250,000.

Keys, 26, is a digital journalist from Sacramento, Calif. He reportedly helped the Anonymous hacking group after he was fired from the KTXS-Fox 40 television station in Sacramento where he served as a web producer.

Back in December of 2010, Keys partook in a discussion board used by Anonymous under the screen name AESCracked. It was there that he shared with the hackers a username and password that would grant them access to the content management of Fox 40 and the Times.

There is no official word yet from Reuters on the status of Keys, reports The Hollywood Reporter. An employee at the New York office said that Keys' computer was dismantled and his security access was withdrawn.

Keys is being represented by Michael Petrick of the Office of the Federal Defender for the eastern district of California. He is on schedule to be arraigned April 12 IN Sacramento.

Case files can be seen below:

Usa vs Keys-Indictment



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