Michael C. Hall reportedly to direct an episode of 'Dexter' season eight

By April Chieffo,

Michael C. Hall has played the role of Dexter Morgan for seven seasons, but according to co-star Jennifer Carpenter, Hall is taking up the mantle of director for an episode in season eight.

Dexter’s Jennifer Carpenter recently tweeted, “If u thought he was a good actor just wait for 802 Michael C. Hall, director! & I quote ‘Don't fuck up your line.’ Wish he'd started yrs ago.”

To everyone’s delight, Carpenter, who plays the role of Miami Metro lieutenant and Dexter’s foster sister Debra Morgan, followed up the tweet in the true spirit of any police detective — with photographic evidence of the man at work.

Hall's place in the director's chair has yet to be confirmed by other sources.

In addition to this development, more exciting news continues to come out regarding this next and last season of Dexter. According to The Hollywood Reporter, several stars have already been tapped to join Carpenter and Hall. Charlotte Rampling (The Duchess) has been cast as a psychiatrist for psychopaths and Sean Patrick Flanery (Boondock Saints) will play a private investigator. Finally, Rhys Coiro, a former ‘Entourage’ cast-member, has agreed to play a bail jumper that has Deb on the run.

Dexter’s new season premieres June 30 at 9 p.m. on Showtime.



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