Middle school girl dies inhaling computer cleaner product

By Brandon Lee Julian,

Family and friends were shocked to hear their 14-year-old died falling into the growing trend among youths, inhaling products to get high.

According to the LA Times, Aria Doherty, a straight-A honor student at Nobel Charter Middle School in Northridge, Los Angeles was found dead in her grandmother’s bathroom by her sister with a compressed aerosol can attached to her mouth and a plastic bag nearby, an apparent attempt to get high. She was diagnosed to have suffered a cardiac arrest from inhaling a computer keyboard cleaner. Results of the full autopsy have not yet been publicly released. Doctors of the nearby hospital pronounced her brain dead, and her family made the heart-breaking decision to remove her from life support after four days of the incident.

Richard Doherty, Aria’s father, made a comment saying, “It’s what the students are doing. We didn’t know much about it at all. Apparently it’s a quick high and it’s fatal in something like 20 percent of the times you use it,” according to KTLA 5. According to NBC, counselors are offering counseling services at Nobel Middle School and are currently taking steps and looking to execute a teen education program informing their students the dangers of huffing and inhaling of various haphazard products that may prove fatal just as Aria had.

Authorities say practicing huffing does not involve the regular targeted chemicals normally used, but however daily household cleaners are very easily obtainable and offer a quick high, attracting teens everywhere to this dangerous practice. This is a dangerous growing trend among teens and youths, as a week before this, 12-year-old Kristal Salcido died after inhaling Freon from an air conditioning unit.



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