Mila Kunis helps starstruck BBC reporter through first celebrity interview (Video)

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Oz: Great and Powerful actress Mila Kunis helped ease a starstruck reporter during an interview, which is now being called the “best celeb interview ever.”

According to USA Today, BBC reporter Chris Stark conducted his very first celebrity interview with the Black Swan actress, but was noticeably jittery.

"Seriously, I'm petrified,” Stark stated. “I'm used to being down at the local pub with the boys."

Today notes that the nerve-shaken Stark confessed, “I’ve never done this before…” Kunis opted to take the lead and attempted to ease him into it.

Kunis began to ask Stark questions about his favorite drinks and where his favorite pub is - which Stark invited her to for a drink. The interview went on discussing football (soccer) in addition to a made-up drink Stark and his “boys” created which mixes Jagermeister and a double vodka redbull - Stark calls it a "lad-bomb." Kunis called the drink “disgusting” but agrees to go out for a drink with Stark, only if he buys her a "lad-bomb."

While Stark attempted to get back on track to discuss her role in Oz, Kunis questioned, “Why? This is way more fun for me.”

The brunette beauty calls the interview, “the best interview I've had today.”

Check out the adorable video below.



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