Mila Kunis shares a sequel is already under way for 'Oz the Great and Powerful'

By Stephanie Kaplan,
The actress says that all of the main stars are ready for a sequel to the upcoming film

Mila Kunis, who stars in the upcoming flick Oz the Great and Powerful, has shared that a sequel is already in the works!

E! Online reports that the actress stated, “We're all signed on for sequels.”

While Kunis confirms that she will be appearing in a future sequel, costar Rachel Weisz only said she is hopeful of another Oz film, adding, “If there is one, I'd love to be in it.”

According to Perez Hilton, the other costars are not officially signed up for another film. That being said, Michelle Williams mentions that she would also jump on for a sequel as long as the director remains the same. She said, “Wherever director Sam [Raimi] goes, I'll go. I'd do anything Sam asks me to do. I'd get stuck in quicksand with him.”

However, when asked about another movie, Raimi explained, “I'm not signed up for a sequel and I have no plans right now to make a sequel. I don't know where Disney is with that. They are probably waiting to see what the critical response is and what the audience response is and how well it does at the box office.”

It looks like the world will have to wait and see whether or not a sequel will be made. Oz the Great and Powerful hits theaters March 8.

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