Miley Cyrus flaunts bikini body in California

By Lindsay Barton,

Miley Cyrus isn’t letting breakup rumors affect her.

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The engaged singer was spotted on Friday at a Palm Desert, California hotel wearing a floral bikini. Cyrus tanned poolside, swam, and talked on her cell phone.

Liam Hemsworth, her Australian fiancé, has been busy working. He is currently promoting the clothing label Bench in the Philippines. Before his promotional duties, Hemsworth spent time in Australia with brother Chris and his family. Miley was absent, starting rumors that the couple could be headed for a split.

Miley was without her engagement ring on Friday, but later explained it was getting fixed at a jeweler. There has been tension between the couple, but both are committed to making it work, according to E! News.

Cyrus’s backup singer, Lindsey Lee, also sent her ring to be repaired. After she shared the news on Twitter, Cyrus responded, according to the New York Post.

“Ugh that’s the worst!,” she Tweeted. “I just had a similar situation except when it happened to me then everyone says my wedding is off.”




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