Miley Cyrus still wearing engagement ring, she and Liam are working to fix problems in their relationship

By April Chieffo,

Miley Cyrus continues to say a lot without saying anything at all. The 20-year-old singer and actress and her Hunger Games fiancé, Liam Hemsworth, 23, have been the subject of breakup rumors recently, and although they still have their problems, they are moving ahead with their relationship and wedding. Miley is now making that pretty clear.

Miley Cyrus Twitter

About two weeks ago, Cyrus, at the height of breakup buzz, stepped out without her engagement ring. The So Undercover actress had assured that there was no other reason she wasn’t wearing the ring other than it was getting fixed.

She also indirectly addressed speculation in a tweet.

“Thank you to my dear friends at @Cosmopolitan for politely saying SHUT THE HELL UP!” she tweeted following a Cosmo tweet about her engagement ring.

Since then, she has been donning the hard-to-miss sparkler. This week, Cyrus shared a new photo on Twitter. In it, her rock from Liam is proudly on display.

According to Radar Online problems in Miley and Liam’s relationship stem from their clashing personalities. According to the report, after four weeks apart, they reunited and vocalized their feelings.

“[Liam] had a chance to clear his head in Australia and Manila, realized he couldn’t be without Miley and wanted to make their relationship work,” said a source for Radar Online. “They sat down and talked it all through. Miley told Liam she wants more romance in the relationship, while Liam said he wanted to her be more responsible and act her age. Liam and Miley both have dominant personalities and can be quite stubborn. In the end, they knew that it would be better if they just listened to one another.”



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