‘The Mindy Project’ Recap: ‘Danny’s Friend’

By May Chan,
Danny harbors a friend in need of drugs.

Mindy’s co-workers watch at Danny does 38 pull-ups. While everyone is impressed with the new record, Mindy is less than impressed. Jeremy comes in and effortlessly does more pull-ups than Danny.

Morgan tries to one up the guys, but when he jumps to grab the bar, he breaks it and collapses. In the process, he farts on the floor. It was a “cough,” so says Morgan. That was evidently not a cough as everyone squeezes their nose.

At Mindy’s apartment, Mindy is cooking breakfast for her friend, Maggie. Heather, who dated Josh the same time Mindy went out with him, interrupts the friends to give her version of a humble pie.

Heather wants to live in the building that Mindy is living in, so she has come to ask for Mindy’s blessing by bowing to her.

Maggie easily befriends Heather, but Mindy cuts the chit-chat. Although Mindy says that it’s a free country and grants Heather permission to live here, Mindy tells Maggie otherwise the moment Heather walks out the door.

Maggie attempts to eat the pie that Heather has set on the floor, but Mindy kicks the pie away from her and tells her that it could be one of those poop pies she has seen on The Help.

Back in the office, Mindy has a letter typed up signed anonymously to sway the apartment application process for Heather, so that she would get rejected from living there.

Later, Jeremy reveals to Mindy that he has been examining the department’s prescription logs, and he noticed that there’s some prescription fraud going on. Danny has been prescribing pain medication for himself.

The gang tries to have an intervention for Danny. Mindy leads the conversation by saying that when Danny goes to rehab, the group has agreed to lie for him and say that he’s getting plastic surgery instead.

“…Which everyone would believe,” Jeremy comically points out as he makes a gesture at his face.

“Who serves wine at an intervention?” Danny asks as he storms out of the room.

Morgan divulges that he knows what’s going on with Danny. Everyone listens in as Morgan describes Danny helping out a man beaten up by stitching his arm in the office.

Morgan embellishes the story with unnecessary details before Mindy tells him to cut to the chase.

Mindy and Jeremy goes to apologize to Danny, but Mindy lets Danny know that Morgan saw him stitching a “Mafia hit man.” Danny retorts that just because Stevie is Italian American, he’s a mobster? That’s just racist, Danny says.

Mindy gets Danny to talk to Stevie, but instead, Danny doesn’t really solve the problem. However, Stevie convinces Danny that the problem isn’t him, but the doctors Danny works with.

As Mindy tries on some workout shoes, Stevie lurks around Mindy. Weirdly enough, Stevie doesn’t do anything to Mindy but asks her out for ice cream.

At the office, Mindy shows off a photo of the new guy she’s seeing on her phone. When Danny realizes that Mindy is going out with Stevie, Danny tells Mindy that he did not cut Stevie off from the drugs.

Mindy takes matters into her own hands by going to Staten Island. Morgan tags along with Danny and Mindy.

As Morgan and Danny wait for Mindy to get dressed at her place, Heather visits Mindy to give her another dessert. Danny pushes Mindy to be direct with Heather and not lie to her about the application process because Mindy is pushing Danny to tell Stevie the truth.

Nevertheless, the moment Mindy tells Heather the truth, Heather hits Mindy with the dessert and pounces on her. Morgan and Danny stop the fight.

Mindy tells the man in charge of the apartment application process that she was the one who wrote the letter and to give Heather another chance.

After some convincing, the man gives Heather a chance, and now Mindy, Danny, and Morgan are off to the Staten Island to see Stevie.

As Mindy and Danny admit that they need each other to push themselves to be honest, Morgan is suffering with seasickness on the ferry.

When the three arrive, Stevie is ready to brawl with Danny, but Stevie’s mother invites them in. While Stevie and Danny sort out there differences, Mindy and Stevie’s mother bond over old photos of an overweight Danny.

Morgan tries to get his seasickness in check, but when he sees a framed picture of a ship, the sickness is back.

So, did Danny solve his problems with Stevie in the end? What else did Mindy discover about a prepubescent Danny other than he was overweight? Mindy learns enough info to tease Danny for a lifetime.

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