Mississippi passes 'anti-Bloomberg' food bill

By Deana DeLisio,

Mississippi has passed an “anti-Bloomberg bill” that bans calorie counting and portion control for local restaurants.

State Senator Tony Smith is not a fan of Bloomberg’s ban on large sodas in New York. While Bloomberg feels as though the ban on the amount of sugary drinks being administered is beneficial, Smith feels as though it simply does not make sense, as stated in The New York Daily News.

If customers "want to supersize, they’re going to figure out how to do it, whether that means buying two or whatever,” said Smith.

According to Yahoo News, Mississippi has one of the highest obesity rates in the United States, however, lawmakers believe that giving the government too much control is not a good idea.

“If we give government a little more control of our personal rights- where does it stop?” stated the bill’s author.

Chip Johnson, the mayor of Hernando, had taken things a step further to point out other arguments to justify his beliefs.

“We are still one of the most obese states in the nation and I think it’s our job to help educate the public. Sometimes that might take the form of menu labeling. As a Mississippian, I am firmly a believer in personal choice,” Johnson continued, “Secondhand smoke is a danger to other people. People drinking a Big Gulp are only a danger to themselves.”



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