Mom lets Internet choose baby’s name for $5,000

By Daniela Duron,

A Los Angeles mom is under scrutiny after winning $5,000 for giving a website the naming rights to her unborn child.

27-year-old Natasha Hill, who is due in September, was the winner of Belly Ballot’s contest, a website that offered $5,000 for the naming rights of a child. Today.com reports that the name will be decided after online voters choose from a list of 10 names, which also includes names suggested by sponsored advertisers.

“Especially now with people all around me trying to pay their mortgages and get by, I have $5,000 I can put towards my baby’s future, and $5,000 makes a difference in my life,” said Hill. “Here’s the chance for me to do something really positive for my unborn son or daughter.”

Some have said that Hill’s decision to let strangers choose her child’s name is irresponsible, but Hill disagrees, saying that she’ll use the money to pay off debt and start a college fund for her child.

She’s also confident that no crazy names will be on the ballot, which will be released March 18, according to the Huffington Post.

"I think people will do the right thing and vote for something unique and nice,” she said.



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