'Moonshiners' star Steven Tickle arrested on public intoxication charges in Virginia

By Gina DiFalco,

Moonshiners star, Steven Ray Tickle, was arrested on public intoxication charges in Virginia last week.

Cops were called to a parking lot of a Charley’s Stop and Shop last Thursday, where the caller said Tickle was sitting in the parking lot drinking with an open container.

When they arrived on the scene, Tickle smelled of alcohol and did have an open container, The AP reports.

Tickle, 35, was arrested but released from Danville City Jail that same day.

According to The Raleigh Telegram, Tickle lives in Pittsylvania County, Virginia and he’s known from the Discovery Channel show Moonshiners, which follows men who make illegal moonshine. Tickle is most often seen accompanying the town’s fire chief, Tim, in making moonshine in the woods.

He was arrested on misdemeanor charges of being drunk in public when he couldn’t get anyone to pick him up from the scene.

Moonshiners shows the illegal moonshining activities in North Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee.



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