Museum of Contemporary Art may merge with Los Angeles County Museum of Art

By Vanessa Frith,

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art is well on its way to becoming an encyclopedic museum but it is unfortunately lacking in post 1945 works. Fellow City of Angels museum, The Museum of Contemporary Art, is in need of financial help. It looks like a match made in pictorialization heaven.

MOCA’s financial problems stumbled into the limelight in 2008. According to The New York Times, MOCA was pulled from the edge of ruin by Eli Broad, who gave the ailing museum a structured plan resulting in $30 million. However, as the program continues to suffer following the forced departure of chief curator Paul Schimmel and the subsequent decampment of several board members, LACMA, who offered to absorb the institution five years ago, has made a similar proposal again.

According to the Los Angeles Times, LACMA has offered to take over MOCA - while keeping the museum’s downtown facilities and the MOCA name - and raise $100 million towards the cause.

“Like so many others in the art world, we appreciate the impact MOCA has had, both on Los Angeles and on the world stage,” Govan stated, as reported by The Associated Press. “Our chief desire is to see MOCA’s program continue and to serve the many artists and other Angelenos, for whom MOCA means so much.”

The proposal, solicited by MOCA and submitted to their board on Feb. 24 by LACMA director Michael Govan, according to The Seattle Times, is not the only option MOCA has. The institution is also being courted by USC, with whom Broad may also be working.



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