'New Girl' Recap: 'California Lionfish'

By Lauren Wheeler,
Just keep swimming.

This week on New Girl, Nick dated his boss, Schmidt and Winston looked for a California lionfish and Jess wanted Nick.

The episode began with Nick bartending and forcing his friends to pay. He explained that he was going to try to be more mature. He was going to take up more responsibilities at the bar and he even planned an event called ‘guys night’ where all the guys drink free.

However, as the guys soon discovered, Nick wasn’t being mature to grow up. He was pretending to be mature to impress his boss that he happened to be dating/kissing/sleeping with. The relationship between Nick and his boss wasn’t really explained.

Denial is not just a river in Egypt and Schmidt was feeling it rough this episode. He insisted throughout the episode that he was not hung up on Cece being engaged - but as the roommates and the audience knew - he is.

Winston, being a good friend who doesn’t have a solid plot line, took Schmidt to the aquarium to calm him down. Instead of enjoying the fish, Schmidt saw a California lionfish and wanted it because of its fish breast and caramel color.

He fought the aquarium worker and made a scene, shocking everyone around him. He threw a temper tantrum and was one second away from rolling around on the ground in tears.

It is moments like this where New Girl travels into 'are you kidding me' territory. Schmidt is a grown adult. Why would he a) think that you can buy fish at the aquarium and b) actually want a lionfish?

No matter how much he wanted Cece, hunting a fish in the ocean and making a scene in public is outrageous.

He even bought a really, really big fish tank for the fish that he didn’t have.

The journey for a lionfish did pay off with some funny moments. It was interesting to see Schmidt get stung by a jellyfish and ask Winston to urinate on him. Winston asked if he could “do a number two” on him instead.

Schmidt had to go to the hospital, obviously. When he was there, Cece showed up to bring him a lionfish (a perk from being a model? Seriously?) and make sure he was doing ok. That moment was the best of the night.

Winston, who is a really underrated character, told Cece to leave and let Schmidt recover. Winston told Cece that she was getting married and that Schmidt didn’t need to see her again. It was that moment that showed how Winston really cared about his friends.

On the Jess/Nick front, Jess found Nick to be more attractive since he was being mature. Which - note to all the guys - the way to turn Jessica Day on is to do your laundry and wash your underwear.

After Jess drove him to the hardware store to get supplies for his guys’ night at the bar, she got hit in the chin with a piece of wood. When she was high on pain pills, she admitted that she wanted to have sex with Nick.

Full disclosure, I am probably one of the only New Girl fans in the world that isn’t on Team Nick/Jess. I’m holding out for Russell “Fancyman” (Dermot Mulroney) to return with his Japanese toilet and romance Jess again.

After Jess found out that Nick was dating/sleeping with/kissing his boss, she no longer found him attractive. She no longer wanted to have sex again. He even called her his loft-mate and didn’t admit their friendship to his boss.

However, when they arrived back at the loft, Jess and Nick did kiss. They kissed so hard that they broke Schmidt’s fish tank. The episode ended with Jess and Nick headed to their bedroom to have sex.

So much for that “no-nail contract.”

So, do you want to see Jess and Nick together? Are Schmidt and Cece meant to be? And will Winston ever get a decent plot line? Comment below.

image: Fox



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