New ‘Justice League’ rumor has Christopher Nolan, Christian Bale returning to DC Universe

By Daniel S Levine,

When we last heard about Warner Bros.’ attempts at a Justice League movie, we heard the studio was scrambling for a new script. Now, a new rumor suggests that Christopher Nolan, who stressed last year that The Dark Knight Rises would be the last time he’d have anything to do with Batman, will oversee the studio’s DC universe films. There’s also word that Christian Bale might reprise the role of Batman.

The rumors come from Latino Review, which claims that Nolan has taken control of every DC project for Warner Bros. The site claims that a Justice League movie would bring Superman, played by Henry Cavill, together with Batman and that Bale is in talks to come back.

Nolan would not direct Justice League, but produce, just like he is with Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, which hits theaters in May. The Justice League movie is supposed to be out in 2015, but the studio reportedly had a script set-back recently, scrapping Will Beal’s script. But the studio is going to need a blockbuster that year, since both Avengers 2 and Star Wars: Episode VII are scheduled to be out that summer.

Nolan’s next project is set to be Interstellar, a film set up at Warner Bros. and Paramount.

Warner Bros. hasn’t confirmed anything about Justice League, so this is all just rumors at this point.



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