New smartphone app monitors brainwaves and enhances meditation, creating less stress

By Deana DeLisio,

A new smartphone application has been created to monitor brain waves in order to ease stress while simultaneously making people more relaxed.

The app, made by a Canadian company known as Personal Neuro Devices, lets the user pick how long the meditation lasts and also makes it possible for the user to have a guided audio meditation, as reported in Business Times.

The app is also accompanied by a candle that gets brighter, having a direct relation to the quality of the meditation.

Stimulating relaxation and concentration, the application must be used with headphones that monitor electrical activity around the forehead, and is also accompanied by a graph that tracks the benefits of the meditation.

“It doesn’t matter whether you’re meditating as part of a secular practice, or spiritual practice. It all creates the same change in the brain,” said Chad Veinotte, the director of Personal Neuro Devices, as stated in Independent.

So far, the application is available for only the Android. An iPhone application is said to be released in the near future.



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