Newest versions for Apple and Samsung phones to be released later this year [Video]

By Steven Mitchell,

Doesn’t it feel like we just got done seeing all those Samsung Galaxy S3 and Apple iPhone 5 commercials? Well, get ready for another round.

Both Samsung and Apple are getting ready to launch their newest phones, the Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5S later this year.

According to The Register, the newest version of Apple’s iPhone will be the 5S. It is likely to be released in August, and be priced at $199 with the iPhone 5 being free after two-year upgrades.

The main features on the new iPhone are to be a stronger processor, improved camera and have a fingerprint sensor.

The finger print system is for authentication purposes. The new camera will feature a ‘smart flash,’ which will have both white and yellow LEDs to help with white balance.

The screen, height and weight will be the same as the current version of the iPhone. The casing will also be the same metal as the 5.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has already launched a commercial campaign and will be revealed March 14 in New York, reports ABC News. Not much has been leaked on what the newest version of the top selling Android phone will feature.

Rumors are out that the S4 will feature the same plastic backing, a quad-core processor, updated camera, higher resolution screen and eye tracking.

The eye tracking will allow readers to read things on their Smartphone without scrolling. The tracker will do an eye scroll, so when your eyes are at the bottom of the screen the phone will scroll down for you to keep reading.

Here is the first of many commercials.



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