Nicki Minaj’s ‘High School’ preview (video)

By Lena Finkel,

Big things are happening for Nicki Minaj! A teaser clip for her highly anticipated music video for the song “High School” has released before its official release on April 2.

The song, a collaboration with her friend Lil Wayne, has lyrics like, “They holler at me but its you/ You, this ain’t high school/ Me and my crew, we can slide through/ Give it to you whenever you want.” The video will feature Nicki and Lil Wayne in a large mansion and hanging by the pool, according to MTV.

Minaj’s video received undesired attention recently when Lil Wayne suffered a seizure while at the shoot. Luckily, the rapper was able to make a full recovery, despite reports otherwise.

Lil Wayne’s seizure wasn’t the only thing to go wrong during the shoot, however, as Minaj apparently suffered a wardrobe malfunctions, reported Memphis Rap. While in a small green bathing suit, the rapper had trouble keeping her breasts covered and had a few nip slips.

The video will premiere on MTV at 10:53 a.m. EST and will be followed by an interview with Minaj herself. Minaj is signed to Lil Wayne’s label Young Money, along with Drake.

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