‘Once Upon A Time’ episode recap: 'Welcome to Storybrooke'

By Sari N. Kent,

We open in the past, in the enchanted forest. Kurt and Owen are camping out in the woods. They are listening to the radio and watching a camp fire, Kurt pulls out a key chain. He says that his Grandpa taught him how to make it, he gives the key chain to Owen. The two are laughing and having fun until a strong wind starts to blow. The radio turns to static and thunder is heard.

Kurt tells Owen to get into the tent, they both get in. Owen looks out of the back of the tent and sees magical black smoke with green flashes in it. Kurt tells Owen that they're going to be okay. The next day, they get out of the tent and look at the camp site. They see fallen trees and torn up vegetation, a tree has fallen on top of their car. Then, Kurt pulls out a map, he’s trying to find the highway when Owen sees a town. Kurt and Owen go to the town. Kurt says that the town being there was impossible as they had drove through there yesterday. He says it's like someone dropped a town on top of them. The Sheriff Graham’s car then pulls up behind them and Graham walks out asking Kurt and Owen if they need help.

Shoot to Storybrooke, in the past. Regina wakes up in room her bedroom and looks out her window. "I did it, I won," she says joyfully. She goes through her closet and puts on a dress. She walks outside to look at the town. Regina sees Gold walking on the other side of the street from her next to Marco, who’s fixing the "Neighbor's" store sign. Regina then sees Granny and Ruby arguing. Archie comes around a corner as Regina nears it and says to her "Good morning Madame Mayor." "Good morning Crick-- Dr. Hopper," she replies.

Shoot to the school. Mary-Margaret is teaching the children "As we build our bird houses we must remember we are building a home, not a cage," she says to them. She then lets a blue bird out of a window saying that birds are free and "loyal creatures. If you love them and they love you they will always find you." Then, the recess bell rings and Mary-Margaret dismisses the class. Then, Regina walks into the classroom when all the students are gone and heads straight for Mary-Margaret. Regina tests the curse by asking Mary-Margaret how long she has been teaching at the school. She replies that she’s been teaching there for as long as she could remember. Regina then leads Mary-Margaret to the hospital and shows her the "John Doe" (David/ Prince Charming) and asks Mary-Margaret if she knows him. Mary-Margaret denies knowing him.

Shoot to Regina going to Granny's diner. Then, Sheriff Graham walks in and asks Regina if she wants to see him that night. Regina says that she does. Then, Owen walks up next to her. She doesn't recognize him and asks, "Who's child is this?" Kurt then comes up to Regina and apologizes saying that Owen hasn't learned manners yet. Regina sees that Kurt and Owen aren't from the fantasy world and steps aside with Graham. She tells Graham that she feels threatened by Kurt and Owen and that when she feels threatened bad things happen.

Shoot to present day Storybrooke. Regina lays a rose on Cora's grave and cries. Then, Gold walks in. Regina asks if Gold came to mock her. Gold replies that he came to pay his respects to Cora as there will always be a place in his heart for her. Regina then accuses Gold of killing Cora, Regina says Gold can hide behind his dagger, but Mary-Margaret can't. Regina then says that Mary-Margaret was going to die for what she did. Gold remarks that if Regina kills Mary-Margaret, it will cost her Henry. Gold then tells Regina that she can't have everything, but Regina refutes him saying that she will find a way to have Henry and have vengeance, she will find a way to have everything.

Shoot to Mary-Margaret not being able to eat. Henry asks what's wrong with her. Emma and David tell Henry that Mary-Margaret is sick, but Henry calls them liars. He then tells Emma she’s lying just like she lied about Neal. Emma then decides to tell Henry part of the truth by telling him that Mary-Margaret was partially responsible for Cora's death. Henry is shocked that Mary-Margaret could do something like that. Then, there is a knock on the apartment door. David answers it and sees that it’s Gold. He yells for Gold to go away, but Gold says he needs to tell them something. Gold then tells them that Regina is going to try to reap vengeance on Mary-Margaret. Gold tries to leave but David says that Gold has no choice but to help them. David replies that Mary-Margaret saved Gold's life and so Gold was indebted to her.

Shoot back to Storybrooke, in the past. Regina goes to Granny's Diner and sees Owen in her seat. She tells him it's her seat and sits down next to him. She then talks to Kurt and tells him that Billy, the repair man (a mouse from Cinderella) would have Kurt's car fixed soon. "Thank you your Mayorness," says Kurt before he and Owen get up and walk towards the exit of the diner. But, Owen goes back and gives Regina a key chain he made and tells Regina that it's a gift for letting him sit in her seat.

Shoot to Regina waking up with Graham in her bed. She then goes to the hospital as Mary-Margaret is delivering flowers to the patients. Mary-Margaret looks at David strangely while Regina smiles triumphantly from behind her. Later, Regina is walking on Main Street and sees Gold walking on the other side of the street from her next to Marco who’s still fixing the "Neighbor's" store sign. Regina then sees Granny and Rudy arguing. Archie comes around a corner as Regina nears it and tells her "Good morning Madame Mayor". Regina tells Archie to save it when she near walks into Mary-Margaret, who apologizes. Regina then asks why Mary-Margaret is apologizing when it was Regina's fault. Mary-Margaret says that she should have been looking where she was going. Regina then asks Mary-Margaret why she isn't fighting back. Mary-Margaret asks Regina why she would do that.

Shoot to Regina going to Gold and telling him that she’s unhappy with the deal they made. Gold has no clue what she's talking about. She reminds Gold that she’s the mayor, the most powerful woman in town. Regina then says that she's not happy even though everyone is doing what she wants, they’re doing it because they have to not because they want to. Then, Regina leaves and calls Kurt (as the outsiders are the only people that can bring zest to her otherwise routine life). Regina then invites Kurt and Owen to dinner.

Shoot back to present day Storybrooke. Regina goes to the vault, finds a locket with a picture of Cora and cries, ripping Cora's dresses and she then she finds a curse. David and Gold then go to the vault. They appear to have just missed Regina. They see are Cora's belongings, and figure out that Regina is planning to use a spell on Mary Mary-Margaret. The Curse of the Empty Hearted. She wants love and vengeance but she needs Mary-Margaret’s heart. Gold tells David that, “A Blood feud can only be ended by the spilling of more blood. We have to kill Regina.” Henry is horrified and they agree that they need to keep Henry away from whatever happens.

Shoot back to Storybrooke, in the past. Regina, Kurt and Owen are eating lasagna at Regina’s house. Regina has Owen go pick apples. Kurt laughs saying Owen’s free spirited nature is from mom, who was in New Jersey but it is now dead. They thought camping would take mind off things. Regina then says that she’s unhappy with new life. “What’s good with no one to share it with?” Regina asks as she cooks with Owen. He then asks her, “Why aren’t you a mom?” Regina tells him that it didn't work out that way. He replies, “Too bad. You'd be good at it.” Regina thanks him then asks him how he likes Storybrooke. He tells her that he likes it better than New Jersey. He adds that he hated it there because everyone treated differently and that it felt like a piece of his heart was missing. Regina then asks them to move there, saying it would be a chance for new start. Kurt appreciates the offer, but says that his life is in New Jersey, not there. “Of course,” replies Regina.

Shoot back to present day Storybrooke. Neal brings Henry to the diner. Henry asks why did Neal brought him there because he doesn’t want to talk to him. Neal then orders, “Extra everything,” which Henry calls it a bribe. Neal says that Storybrooke isn't safe and that Henry should go with them to New York. Henry says they should get rid of magic in Storybrooke so Regina can't cast the curse and his family won’t want to kill her. Later, Emma comes in and asks Neal how it went with Henry. He says it went okay and that Henry was in bathroom. Emma then she noticed Henry’s backpack was gone. “He's your son and he's running,” Emma says.

Shoot to Henry is running through the woods.

Shoot to Regina going to Mary-Margaret's apartment. She undoes lock and goes in. Mary-Margaret is on bed. Regina walks up to her but Gold there too. “Nice try. Did you think it would be that easy?” Gold asks Regina, who replies, “You can't be her guard dog forever.”

Shoot back to Storybrooke, in the past. Regina goes to Billy and tells him that she wants Kurt to stay in town longer. Regina then uses a heart to have Graham arrest Kurt for drunk driving. Graham arrests Kurt, who knocks over a heart box, escapes, gets in his car and speeds away.

Shoot back to present day Storybrooke. Henry runs into Mendell, who picks up Henry’s bag. Henry says he’s working on merit badge.

Shoot to Ruby, Neal, Emma, David going to the mine and finding dynamite. Henry is going to try and blow up magic.

Shoot to Henry pulling it out of his bag when he gets to the well.

Shoot to Mendell calling Regina, who asks him if Henry’s okay. Mendell tells her that he seemed upset near white pine trail and thought she would want to know. Regina then gets in her car to go to Henry.

Shoot back to Storybrooke, in the past. Graham is chasing Kurt in a high speed chase but thinks he lost him. Then, Graham runs into woods. Then, Regina gets out of Graham's car and calls to Owen. She tells him that she wants him to stay and reminds him that he said he liked it in Storybrooke. “Not like this. I'm sorry. I just wanted us to be happy,” Owen replies. He then runs way out of city limits and Regina is sad.

Shoot back to present day Storybrooke. Henry tries to light the dynamite. Regina tells him all it was going to do is kill him. She then teleports the dynamite away. Henry then begs Regina to not kill Mary-Margaret. “She has to pay. We can have everything,” Regina tells Henry, who replies, “Not like this.” Then, Ruby, Neal, David and Emma appear and Emma screams, “Regina, get away from my son! If you’re going to kill Mary-Margaret, you’ll have to go through us. Regina then conjures fire. David points gun at Regina. Henry says they need get rid of magic because it makes good people do bad things. Henry then asks Regina to help get rid of magic. Regina replies that she can't do it, but one thing she can do. She then burns the paper with the curse on it. David then lowers the gun and walks over to Emma. They hug and all walk away from Regina.

Shoot back to Storybrooke, in the past. Owen brings cops to Storybrooke but it isn’t there. “I'll find you dad, I'll never stop looking,” whispers Owen. Meanwhile, Regina looks on from other side. She can see him, but he can't see her. She sees Owen crying and then Regina starts to cry about what she has done.

Shoot back to present day Storybrooke. Everyone tells Mary-Margaret that Regina burned the curse and that Gold was no longer needed. “How do you live with yourself?” Mary-Margaret asks Gold. “Tell yourself you did the right thing,” he replies.

Shoot to Mary-Margaret knocking on Regina's door. "Kill me. We’ve been fighting for so long, it's cost us so much. Kill me,” Mary-Margaret begs Regina, who says that Henry would never forgive her. “My problem, I never learn from my mistakes,” Regina says, then she pulls out Mary-Margaret’s heart and smiles. "What?" Mary-Margaret utters. Regina then points at a dark spot on Mary-Margaret’s heart. "You blackened your heart." Mary-Margaret then says, "Crush it." "And put you out of your misery. I don't need to destroy you. You already did and along the way you will destroy that perfect little family you fought for so hard. I can have everything. Thanks to you," Regina tells Mary-Margaret. Regina then shoves Mary-Margaret’s heart back into her chest. Mary-Margaret screams and Regina tells her to get off her property.

Shoot to the man in the forest. It's Mendell and he filmed everything that just happened between Regina and Mary-Margaret. He then gets in his car and looks down at the key chain and we realize that Mendell is Owen. Then, he says, “I promised you Dad, I will find you!”



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