One Direction fan becomes a victim of online bullying over a picture of her being kissed by Harry Styles

By Markirah Shaw,

Fia Litton – a fan of the boyband One Direction – has been hit with a tidal wave of hatred from other “Directioners” because of a picture she posted of Harry Styles kissing her on the cheek.

According to Hollywood Life, Litton is an Irish high school senior whose uncle, Preston Mahon, is a security guard for One Direction. Mahon arranged a meet-and-greet with Styles following a concert in Dublin on Wednesday, where the singer posed for several cozy pictures with Litton.

Litton posted one of the pictures on Twitter, a close up of Styles kissing her cheek through her hair. Litton tweeted “Good night x.” Minutes later, she followed up with another tweet: “Relax, we’re friends.”

The picture instantly ignited the One Direction fandom, who started harassing Litton on her Twitter account only a day after the picture was taken.

The bullying started with a relatively neutral comment asking “attention seeking much?” But the situation escalated with posts like “youre LITERALLY asking for people to hate on you” and “wow u uploaded the picture 3 times i can smell a thirsty bitch over here.” One person even tweeted, “@FiaLitton does your family approve of ur sluttiness.”

Litton responded to this barrage of hatred, tweeting “I’m not a slut or whore, and my life is no body’s business so can the abusive messages please stop now.”

Litton is not the first victim of 1D fans' acidic jealousy. Last year, The Sun reported that Taylor Swift received death threats from Directioners after she started dating Styles. One tweeted “I’ll murder Taylor Swift. She will not date my Harry.”

The Sun also reported that 22-year-old model Edie Campbell was bullied off of Twitter after she did a photoshoot with One Direction.

image: Fia Twitter



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