One Direction’s Harry Styles’ new ‘girlfriend’ receives death threats from fans

By Daniel S Levine,

A girl One Direction singer Harry Styles singled out at a concert is now reportedly the victim of death threats.

According to The U.K. Sun, during a performance at Belfast’s Odyssey Arena, Styles spotted Shaniece Nesbitt, 18, and told security guards to get her number. She was then invited to party with the 19-year-old at the Culloden hotel. She stayed there until 5 a.m. Friday morning.

“There were about six people partying with Harry and Shaniece back at the hotel but he only had eyes for her,” a source told the Sun. “He was fixated on the fact she looked like Megan Fox and they spent hours flirting. She didn’t go up to his room or sleep with him that night but Harry has kept in touch since and been texting her.”

Ireland’s The Independent reports that Nesbitt was featured in photos on Facebook and Twitter and was immediately bombarded by questions from 1D fans. When asked if she slept with Styles, she said, “I did no such thing.”

Eventually, the messages were too much for her and she deleted her Facebook account. She had been receiving threatening messages, including one who wanted to go to her house and kill her, before she finally took it down.

“She's been hounded since it all came out. But nothing happened with him,” a family source told the Independent. “She was there with a friend and went home at 4am. She's a very well brought up girl and can't believe all this has happened.”

The Independent reported that she has not had any contact with Styles since the incident.

Styles, who previously dated Taylor Swift, made headlines over the weekend for his attention-grabbing butterfly tattoo on his stomach.



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