Our best friend is our Smartphone

By Steven Mitchell,
Users check Facebook 14 times a day

What do you use your Smartphone for these days? Chances are, you don't use it to just make a phone call.

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According to AFP, Smartphone users use their ‘portable computers’ for messaging, web browsing and Facebook. A study conducted by IDC revealed how people actually use their mobile phones.

"Smartphones, coupled with rich applications and mobile data services, allow us to connect with our family, friends and community from the moment we wake up until the end of our day," reported IDC researchers.

The study showed that users check their Smartphones from the time they wake up until the end of the day before doing to bed. Are you one of the projected 181.4 million Smartphone users to do this? That is half of the U.S. population, and in four years the number of Smartphone owners could climb to 222.4 million.

Smartphones today have become our best friend--not Lisa who you’ve known for 12 years, or your old friend Bob from high school. We often spend more time with our Smartphones than we do with family or friends. In fact, 63 percent of Smartphone owners have it by their side for all but one hour during the day, reports CIO Today.

While texting and email are the main functions of Smartphones, it’s social media and the need to always be connected that keep our 10 inch buddy by our side. On average, users check Facebook 13.8 times a day at 2.22 minutes per check, reports Mashable.

"Rather than feeling overwhelmed by it, we enjoy and value this increased social connectedness,” said IDC researchers.

Hold on though, people still do use their SmartPHONEs to call people, albeit sparingly. A low 16 percent of owners use their Smartphone to make a phone call.

Does this sound familiar to anybody?

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