Pamela Smith's son begs her to sue Michael Jordan

By Gavriella Tjandra,

Michael Jordan's love affair back in 1995 with Pamela Smith has been unearthed through a law suit recently.

Smith opens up that she never really planned to sue the retired basketball star/businessman, until her son, Grant Reynolds (Taj), begged her to do so.

Close sources linked to Smith informs TMZ that she always has a good relationship with Jordan, and does not even need any form of child support from him. Grant, however, wanted Jordan to recognize him as a son, therefore begged his mother to do so.

Also, Smith reportedly does not want to disadvantage Jordan greatly, she just wants him to be a bigger part of Grant's life.

The sources said that Jordan and Grant have had numerous meetings over the years, and Smith says that the retired basketball star has given her son gifts, and even money. What is sad about this is Grant has to keep it a secret.

Jordan was still married with Juanita Vanoy when he and Smith allegedly had an affair.

Georgia-based Pamela Smith filed a paternity suit against Jordan to cover their (alleged) son, Grant Reynolds' medical expenses, and asked him for a child support, the New York Post reported.

She also asks a Georgia judge to change Grant's last name to "Jordan."



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