Playing Wii is beneficial for operating room doctors

By Deana DeLisio,

Hours of playing Nintendo’s Wii can help doctors be better surgeons.

The study, conducted by Gregorio Patrizi and researchers at La Sapienza University of Rome in Italy, has come to the conclusion that an hour a day, your doctor should play!

Playing for an hour for four or five days a week developed cognitive skills that were able to promote hand-eye coordination, which help in laparoscopic surgery, as stated in Fast Company.

Two groups were created - one in which Wii was played for an hour a day for up to five days and the other in which nothing was played at all. The games that were played were Wii Tennis, Wii Table Tennis, and High Altitude Battle, as stated in Medical News Today.

After four weeks, there were significant improvements in skills in the group that had continuously played Wii.

“The Nintendo Wii might be helpful, inexpensive and entertaining part of the training of young laparoscopists, in addition to a standard surgical education based on stimulators and the operating room,” the authors to the study stated.



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