Police detain suspect in Bolshoi ballet artistic director Sergei Filin acid attack

By Daniel S Levine,

Russian authorities say they have detained a suspect in connection with the January acid attack on Bolshoi ballet artistic director Sergei Filin.

Filin was attacked on Jan. 17 by a masked man, who threw sulfuric acid in his face. He has been undergoing surgery in Germany in the hopes that he can recover most of his eyesight.

According to The New York Times, Russia’s Interior Ministry said that the suspect is being held in Moscow and is not believed to be connected with the Bolshoi Theater, one of the most prestigious ballet groups in the world. He has not been identified and his appartment is being searched.

ABC News is reporting that police aren’t saying if they think it was a hit ordered by someone else, but noted that some of Filin’s colleagues are still being investigated. The group’s leading dancer, Pavel Dmitrichenko, has had his appartment searched in connection with the case.

Last month, Filin spoke to several news outlets, claiming that he has an idea who did it, although he didn’t give any names. He was the victim of harassment in the weeks before the attack.



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