President Obama will speak to Organizing for Action on Wednesday

By Alexi Knock,

President Barack Obama plans to speak to the nonprofit group Organizing for Action at a dinner on Wednesday night.

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According to Huffington Post, Organizing for Action is the nonprofit successor that came out of Obama’s campaign committee. Obama will be speaking at a dinner for donors and grassroots supporters.

According to Politico, the dinner is part of a founders’ summit for the nonprofit to be held at a Washington Hotel. The summit’s goal is to continue momentum for the group’s supporters as the president faces congressional fights over immigration reform and gun control issues.

Speakers at the summit will include Jim Messina, manager of the 2012 campaign and OFA’s national chairman, as well as David Plouffe, former White House Senior Adviser and manager of the 2008 campaign against John McCain.

An OFA official told Politico, “The summit will help to chart out the issue campaigns that OFA will be engaging in throughout 2013, how our structure as an organization will look, and provide a forum to brainstorm new ideas about how we can maximize grass-roots organizing.”

The two-day event will include small brainstorming groups as well as larger meetings such as the dinner where Obama will be speaking.

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