'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: Season 3, Episode 22

By Sarah McClanahan,

In this episode of Pretty Little Liars, Spencer's sanity is evaluated in Radley, Ezra may be getting his teaching job back, and Mona shows the Liars they need her.

The girls still have not heard from Spencer, and they assume she is cutting class until Melissa shows up at school, ready to call the cops because Spencer never returned home.

Inside Radley, a male nurse tends to Spencer's cuts. He lets her know the next step will be an evaluation of her mental state by doctors. The doctors determined she may have amnesia from her fall in the forest.

Suddenly, Spencer notices his name tag: E. (Eddie) Lamb, the same name on the fake ID Toby used to sneak in and out of the hospital.

Eddie admits that there were problems with the old badges and Radley was forced to re-do the system. A staff member was handing out visitor's passes, but he couldn't name the person because his job was on the line. Spencer tells him that her friend stole his name and put it on an ID with his own picture. He says he used to know a Toby because his mother was in Radley. Is it THE Toby Cavanaugh or just a strange coincidence?

After finding what she thought was Toby's dead body in the forest, Spencer is enjoying not being herself.

Spencer finds out her room at Radley is Mona's old room. Upon further examination, she finds an inscription on the wooden table: "Will the circle be unbroken?"

Spencer has a flashback to a day in church where she is sitting beside Ali and Mona is singing that exact song.

Melissa is devastated to see her sister in Radley. She knew Spencer to be cruel, but she never thought she would unravel, and has no one to blame but herself.

Mona surprises Spencer at Radley with cookies, but Spencer is displeased. Spencer accuses Mona of killing Toby, and attempts to write her off, but Mona reveals that Ali was not really pregnant. How did Mona know for sure? She has the majority of Ali's diary so, in essence, the girls need her to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Dr. Sullivan also shows up at Radley to take part in the psych evaluation. During the evaluation, Spencer begins to see the doctors as the Liars. She breaks down, claiming they don't know who she is and they can no longer count on her.

Ezra is tired of ghostwriting and wishes to go back to teaching so he can better support himself and his new family.

Aria decides to speak to her dad, Byron, to ask if he can help Ezra get a job. He reveals that Ella already told him about Malcolm and Meredith.

Byron decides to help Aria for his own selfish purposes. He thinks if he can secure a job for Ezra, he will be able to stabilize his family (meaning Meredith and Malcolm) and will eventually break up with Aria.

The principal calls Aria into his office to question her about her relationship with Ezra. He admits it would be awkward to hire him as a substitute if they were seeing each other, but Aria denies that they are more than friends.

Shana introduces Emily to Olympic gold medalist swimmer Missy Franklin. Emily realizes Paige never mentioned that Shana was a swimmer.

Hanna confirms her mom's date with Pastor Ted over the phone despite her mother's pleading. Hanna believes they have to start acting like nothing is wrong.

She considers moving to New York with her mom for a job opportunity to keep them both safe.

During a hang-out with Ashley, Ted, and Hanna, Detective Wilden appears. He claims to have been on a fishing trip for the past few days, but his intentions become clear when he gruffly asks Hanna what she did with his car.

Ted questions Ashley about her real motives behind seeking a job in New York, but she does not open up to him. He cannot wish her luck because he would miss seeing her too much.

How will Detective Wilden get even with Hanna and her mom? Will Aria and Ezra's relationship last despite Byron's cruel intentions? How long will Spencer be confined to Radley? What other key information will Mona hold over the Liars?



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