‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 23 ‘I’m Your Puppet’

By Sarah McClanahan,

In this episode of Pretty Little Liars, Malcolm goes on a play date with ‘A,’ the church questions Jamie’s morals, and Spencer joins the dark side.

The Liars see Spencer in Radley and try to convince her that she is well enough to come home. Despite the girls confirming that the body found in the woods was a camper, Spencer is adamant that Toby is dead. She wants to stay at Radley because she feels safe, noting that bars do more than keep her inside; they also keep the evil people outside and away from her.

Emily, Hanna, and Aria decide to take a picture of the body and show it to Spencer to prove it is not Toby. This requires them to return to the morgue. They check multiple tags before finally unzipping the body to find someone other than Toby inside with a strange mask covering his face. Suddenly, a person in a red coat enters the hallway and the Liars scatter.

Spencer’s mom visits her inside Radley and nearly begs her to come home. Spencer does not want to pretend everything is normal. Her mom admits the last time she saw someone harboring such a big secret was Alison. One night, the mom caught Alison sneaking into their house at 3 A.M. with a bloody lip that was supposedly from a fight with a girl. Ali begged her not to inform her parents and weeks later she was found dead.

Thanks to Wren, Spencer receives a board game that Mona was obsessed with and discovers that it can be used as a map. She traces the coordinates to a window that unlocks and later leads to a rocking horse that has CeCe Drake’s visitor’s pass hidden inside.

Wren also shares some pertinent info with her. Ali got CeCe kicked out of college. Melissa called to let CeCe know Mona was admitted in Radley.

Spencer begins to believe that Eddie was behind the security breach that allowed visitor’s passes to be replicated. She no longer takes her medication and hides the pills in a bag buried deep in her pillowcase.

Aria realizes it’s not a good idea to see Ezra in broad daylight after she told the principal that they were not together. Ezra worries they are reverting to being forced to sneak around.

Aria agrees to pick Malcolm up from karate practice so Ezra won’t miss his second interview. However, upon arriving, the teacher notes that he was already picked up by someone who used her name. Using a note in her locker as a clue, she horrifyingly realizes ‘A’ picked him up and took him to a nearby carnival.

She rushes over and immediately runs into her mom, who warns her that she will end up getting hurt because Ezra already has a family with Maggie and Malcolm, and thus has no more room for her in his heart.

Emily warns Aria to call the police but Aria worries that ‘A’ might hurt Malcolm if she does so.

Suddenly, Aria spots a hooded figure and Malcolm, but they disappear as she gets closer. Finally, she finds an unharmed Malcolm sitting alone waiting for the puppet show to start. He tells her that her friend Ali picked him up.

After the tiring escapade, Aria meets Ezra for dinner. Although he claims she is Malcolm’s new hero, Aria tells him she can’t be in a relationship any longer when it’s not just the two of them.

Ella seeks to speak with Ashley to see how well she knew Jamie before recommending him. She reveals to Hanna that Caleb’s father is being questioned by the church for fraud. His job is in jeopardy because he replaced their bronze bell with one worth $8,000 less.

Hanna joins Caleb and Jamie for dinner. As a thank-you gift for securing him a job and allowing him to stay with his son, Jamie presents Hanna with jewelry in the shape of an angel. However, he soon gets a phone call from Pastor Ted who fires him. Jamie abruptly leaves the dinner.

Hanna admits to Caleb that she doesn’t think his dad has changed. In fact, she knows he stole her donation from the church collection box because she saw him later use the same bill, in which she had drawn a pair of lucky dice.

When Jamie stops by Hanna’s house, Caleb says that he wants nothing more to do with him. He should never have given him a second chance.

Caleb agrees taking a road trip with Hanna would be a better alternative than going on one with his father because he knows she is looking out for him.

Hanna is stricken with panic when she receives a text from ‘A’ saying that he/she framed Jamie and was the one who replaced the bell. She doesn’t know how to tell Caleb.

Shana is apparently interested in Emily and has been texting her while Paige is away.

Emily’s mother tells her that the police discovered another body in a shallow grave in the location Spencer described. They can’t identify the body because there was significant trauma. She is not allowed to tell her friends.

A final clip of the body being brought into the morgue shows a tattoo eerily similar to Toby’s.

Spencer decides to join Mona in becoming part of the A-Team.
Has Aria finally had enough or is her love with Ezra meant to last? Will Jamie regain Caleb’s trust? Why does Spencer want to befriend Mona- much less help her hurt the Liars?



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