'Pretty Little Liars' Season 3 Finale 'A dAngerous gAme'

By Sarah McClanahan,

On the season three finale of Pretty Little Liars, Spoby rekindles their relationship, Ezria breaks up, and the identity of ‘Red Coat’ is finally revealed.

Spencer invites Aria, Emily, and Hanna to a soireé her parents planned to celebrate her release from Radley, a visit which they deemed was caused by “exhaustion.”

When they question Spencer’s change in mindset, she admits that she is not as strong as Emily. When she saw what she thought was Toby’s body in the woods, she gave up. However, she no longer wants to play the victim role.

Since she has extra time with her mom away in New York, Hanna takes up Ezra’s offer to babysit Malcolm. The night of her trial run, she tries to get him to confess that Mona was the person who kidnapped him from karate class. After flipping through a variety of pictures of people on her phone, he finally settles on Spencer as the perpetrator.

Ezra has been offered a substitute teaching job at Rosewood High, but he is unsure if he wants to take it because of the strain it would put on his relationship with Aria. Aria loves him, but urges him to take the job, admitting they have been trying to get their relationship back to the way it used to be before Malcolm, but it is an impossible feat.

Ezra decides to take the job, but tells Aria that she will not always be in high school, so their break-up may turn out to be temporary. Aria is adamant that they both need to move on because it is too hard for her to hold on to a sliver of hope. The two part with a goodbye kiss.

Toby is shocked to find Spencer waiting for him at the diner. She reveals she was working with Mona and gained her trust by taking Malcolm to the fair and ending Aria’s relationship with Ezra. Mona had revealed that he was still alive when she was in Radley, and Toby was supposed to be her reward for bringing the girls together to the soireé on Friday. He tries to convince her that their love was real and that he only joined the ‘A-Team’ to protect her. She is unsure whether she can fully trust him, yet still follows him to a motel where he has been living. When she asks how he could keep quiet when she was suffering, he tears up. The two end up in a passionate embrace.

While on a jog, Emily spies Shana and Melissa inside Jenna’s house discussing Spencer’s invitation. She notices that wherever Shana is, there is trouble. She thinks the girl is bad news.

The Liars plan to prove that Spencer is still on their side while at the same time not putting her in danger of Mona’s wrath. Hanna dresses up in a red coat during a swim sweet, and Spencer chases after her, eventually ending up in the bathroom. Hanna reveals herself, and is relieved that Spencer followed her because that means she does not know the leader of the “A-Team” so she cannot be truly involved in hurting them. Spencer divulges that Mona planted ‘Toby’ in the woods to break her so she could then re-build her. They let Spencer know that she can trust them and they will always have her back.

They are finally one step ahead of ‘A’ because they know she wants them to arrive together at the party. While Toby and Spencer wait with Mona downstairs, the three Liars sneak into the top floor through a window. Toby continues his role as the ‘villain’ and takes Spencer outside.

Meanwhile, Emily, Hanna, and Aria surround Mona in the house. Suddenly, someone lights a match and throws it on gasoline in the woods. The entire house is set ablaze, and someone has barricaded the doors. They are all trapped, wondering how they can manage to escape. In a moment of panic, Mona says that she does not know the identity of ‘Red Coat’ either and now she never will.

In the woods, someone comes up behind Toby and knocks him to the ground.

Spencer watches as a plane lands in the woods, and a girl in a red coat steps out. It is none other than Alison- their best friend who they assumed had been dead for the longest time.

Ali manages to save Aria, Emily, Mona, and Hanna by dragging them out of the burning building. Hanna wakes up momentarily to see Ali’s face, but then she disappears. Mona remembers that Ali helped them, and both Spencer and Hanna confirm her suspicions.

As they are driving home after a stressful night, they spot Wilden’s police car on the street. It must have been dragged out of the lake, and a video of Hanna’s mom crashing into the detective with her car is playing on a loop. However, at the end of the tape, they notice Shana and Jenna pulling Wilden’s body away from the scene.

The girls simultaneously get a text from “A” saying, “You’re mine now!” They gasp as they open the trunk.

What do you think they saw in the trunk? Can Toby and Mona be trusted? Where has Alison been all this time and why did she let everyone believe she was dead?

Pretty Little Liars returns for season 4 in June! Stay tuned!



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