Radio station placing bets on Justin Bieber’s death

By Sarah McClanahan,

Rock1009, a New York-based radio station, offered a $200 prize to the person who correctly guessed the month Justin Bieber will die in 2013.

According to Perez Hilton, the radio station not only predicted that Bieber was headed to rehab, but also foreshadowed his death within the next year. Worse still, they turned the wacky estimation into a game, allowing users to post comments on when they believed the singer will pass away, even going so far as to promise a $200 prize to the person who was correct.

“Justin Bieber heading to rehab. Will he go the way on Michael Jackson this year. If so post the month you think he will go to the great stage in the sky where hendrix will hit him with his fender. Post the month must be this year. Get it right you could win $200! Post away….,” read the station’s Facebook status, although it was later deleted.

While a few people were outraged at Rock1009, many went along with the gag and listed their predictions.

Whether the comment was put up as a sick joke or someone hacked into their account remains a mystery. Their most recent updates skirted the issue entirely.

It seems like Justin cannot catch a break lately. Within the past few weeks, he collapsed on stage during a tour stop in London, cancelled concerts in Portugal due to low ticket sales, and cursed out a paparazzi, reports OK! Magazine.

image: NBC



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