Rainn Wilson to star in CBS’s ‘Backstrom’

By Lena Finkel,

He’s back! Just shortly after the end of The Office, Rainn Wilson will make his return to television in CBS’s adaptation of the Swedish book series Backstrom.

The books, written by Leif G.A Persson, follow an overweight and offensive detective as he tries unsuccessfully to end his self-destructive behavior, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Wilson will play the lead, Detective Everett Backstrom. Other members of the cast include 24’s Dennis Haysbert, Life Unexpected’s Christoffer Polaha, and Cuts’s Beatrice Rosen, reports TV Line.

Hart Hanson has been tapped to write and executive produce the show, along with Persson and Niclas Salomonsson, while Mark Mylod will direct. Hanson was particularly excited about the casting choice and tweeted, “We got our Backstrom! And wow, he’s a corker!”

Wilson’s addition to the series is particularly lucky for him, considering his Office spinoff, The Farm, was passed up by NBC. Wilson has earned three Emmy nominations for Supporting Actor in a Comedy for The Office. The show will finish airing May 16.



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