'Revolution' Recap: Season 1 Episode 11 'The Stand'

By Chris Baggiano,

NBC’s Revolution finally made its return after nearly four months since its midseason hiatus with “The Stand.” And boy has it improved. Well, kind of. Due to the influx of money from NBC’s commitment to the show, Revolution now has the freedom and power to do almost anything it wants, which results in a much quicker pace, multiple storylines, and the expansion of the scope of the show. So while Revolution hasn’t added much quality – the acting is still below average, the dialogue still stilted, and much of it is clichéd – the show simply seems to have a higher quality because of the ability to juggle the various plots and the much quicker pace.

It must be noted that the entirety of the first eleven episodes of Revolution fit much too easily into the three-minute season recap that aired before “The Stand.” In fact if you are new to the show there is virtually no reason to watch any of the first half of the season, which is good for new viewers but also doesn’t speak highly of the first half of the season.

“The Stand” picks up right where “Nobody’s Fault But Mine” left off, with Miles, Charlie and the rest of the gang being chased by a helicopter that was just turned on because Rachel had created an amplifier for it and given the power pendant to Monroe. They all survive the helicopter missile attack by holding up in an old restaurant refrigerator. They end up being able to leave Philadelphia by pretending to be undertakers on their way to dispose of dead bodies. This soon leads to a very hackneyed and overly melodramatic reunion scene with golden colors and warm string orchestration that accompanies hugging and kissing. Unfortunately that will not be the only extremely clichéd scene.

Apparently the warm feelings immediately ended after the orchestration died down (although there was very little time without some sort of score playing underneath every shot) as Aaron immediately began to question Rachel. Rachel begins her broken record routine as she tells Aaron that, “She’ll explain everything” and that “it is all hard to explain.” After seeing a rebel camp eviscerated by the helicopter the group decides they must go to Annapolis, which is the rebel command center. Here the group splits as Rachel and Miles go off to find one of Rachel’s friends who has a power pendant and lots of weapons while Nora, Charlie, Aaron (against his wishes), and Danny go to Annapolis to warn the rebels of the game changing helicopter.

Charlie and the rest arrive in Annapolis and meet Commander Ramsay who, upon hearing of the helicopter, decides to immediately disband the rebels (now THAT’S leadership). The most important and shocking aspect of their arrival to Annapolis is that it doesn’t take two and a half episodes to get there; they literally make a 110-mile trip within two scene changes. Now with more funding Revolution can go anywhere it needs to go without having to drag along the storyline, which means no more dragging out one storyline over eleven episodes.

Tom and his son Jason, along with other militiamen, also make the trip from Philadelphia to Annapolis within a few scenes. Jason was dismayed by the helicopter attack on Westchester, which makes him stand up to his father saying that “[“butchering” by helicopter] is not what he signed up for.” They get in a fight that leads to Jason’s defeat and Tom’s decision to disown his son – although he lies to Monroe later on saying that Jason died. This has been a long time coming but it was nice to see Jason take a moral stand in addition to an emotional stand because of his feelings for Charlie. Tom goes back to Philadelphia to order the strike and Jason warns Charlie that they only have 12 hours to prepare. Despite his help, however, Charlie does not allow Jason to join her.

Meanwhile Rachel and Miles have reached John’s house where he reveals an entire arsenal of weapons including some that he has created himself. However, he knocks them both out and shoddily ties them up saying that Randall (the bald Department of Defense guy finally has a name!) is on his way to take Rachel back to “the tower.” Miles easily escapes, knocks John out and he and Rachel run off with weapons back to Annapolis.

Through a couple of flashbacks it is revealed that Danny has had surgery to help him with chronic asthma and that Charlie has protected him all his life as he helped him through late night attacks. Danny no longer wants her protection, however, and decides to stay and fight in the skirmish. The fight goes on for a few minutes, complete with the very popular “echoes of battle” sound production, and lacks intensity. In fact some of the characters seem to take cover incredibly slowly at times. None of the main characters get shot in spite of the helicopter flying being of high quality, even though no one has flown a helicopter in 15 years.

Miles and Rachel arrive in Annapolis, by horse drawn cart (which is kind of hilarious to see), just as everyone is running out of bullets. Miles gets a clear bazooka shot at the helicopter that holds the amplifier but the other helicopter blows up his cover just as he is about to take the shot. This causes Danny to take up the bazooka and fire, hitting the helicopter but also gets himself shot up as the second helicopter falls from the sky. Danny dies in a clichéd war hero slow motion dying scene and his death makes the whole point of the first half of the season completely insignificant. No worries though, both Rachel’s and Miles’s facial expressions never change.

At the end of the episode Rachel receives a pep talk from the battle hardened Charlie that they must stop Monroe and avenge Danny. Rachel then extracts some electrical device from Danny’s chest. And finally Randall and John go to Philadelphia to strike up a deal with Monroe. “The Stand” was a much busier episode than previous ones and, hopefully, the plot-driven show will continue at this pace.



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