Rick Springfield arrested Friday for missing court date

By Ezekiel Hernandez,
The rock star took to Facebook to explain himself.

Rick Springfield was arrested Friday in Los Angeles over a bench warrant that was issued because he missed a court date over a prior DUI charge that he thought had been cleared.

Springfield, 63, most notably known for his 1981 mega-hit “Jessie’s Girl,” self-disclosed his arrest on Facebook over the weekend, taking a picture of the police station along with an explanation Rolling Stone reports.

“I didn't know that I was supposed to appear in court a few weeks ago," Springfield wrote on his page.

He explained that it was over a DUI no contest plea from when police arrested him after stopping him for speeding down Pacific Coast Highway back in 2011.

Springfield had just appeared on national TV Tuesday alongside Dave Grohl in a big concert on Hollywood Boulevard for a Jimmy Kimmel show taping.

According to the report, Springfield was able to make it to his show on the same night at a Casino in Porterville, California.



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