Royal Watch: Baby on Board

By Samantha Reba,

If her pregnancy wasn’t known, it is now, even on the tube. Middleton was spotted wearing a button which was presented to her in honor of her pregnancy.

Kate Middleton made her way onto the subway wearing a “Baby on Board!” button alongside the Queen. The two paraded on the subway together. The button was a way for gentlemen to give up their seats for the pregnant Duchess, reports The Daily Beast.

According to The Daily Beast, London Underground's chief operating officer Howard Collins, who presented Kate with her 'Baby on Board!' button, told the Daily Mail: "I said they're fantastic, they really do make a difference - saves men the embarrassment of having to guess if a woman is pregnant. She asked so many great questions of the staff and seemed really interested our work."

The Duchess concealed her pregnancy curves in a blue Malene Birger coat.

Middleton and the Queen were on hand for the unveiling of a brand-new subway train named the Queen Elizabeth II. US Weekly.

We can’t wait to see what other goodies Middleton might get along the way. First a button, who knows what’s next.



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