Ryan Seacrest opens a media center in a children hospital

By Gavriella Tjandra,

Ryan Seacrest opens up a media center at Children's Hospital of Orange County.

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation opened a media center for the children at Children's Hospital of Orange County.

With the intention of making the children happy, Seacrest said that he, and a couple of celebrity friends had planned this for years, E! News reported.

The TV host told the crowd, "A couple of years ago we sat down and started talking about creating a foundation and what the mission would be, and it was born out of some of the detailed stories I was told by patients and parents from here.

"[The children] were looking for things to do and looking for an escape and looking to tap into their creativity. So we decided to build these media centers in different hospitals across the country, starting in my hometown of Atlanta, and now our first one here in Southern California at CHOC," Seacrest continued.

When asked further about it by Natalie Morales in NBC's Today Show, Seacrest said that, with the facilities provided, the hospital's environment became vibrant, and the children got to be involved in many activities, his official website stated.

"It creates a spirit inside the hospitals. It's really special," Seacrest continued.



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