'Secret Life of the American Teenager' Recap: Season 5, Episode 13

By Sarah McClanahan,

On the spring premiere of Secret Life, Ricky and Amy fight over wedding plans and Kathy returns to her family in Texas.

After having a baby, Kathy wants to do the right thing, starting by obeying her parents' wishes to move back in with them in Texas. However, she doesn't want to leave Ethan or Amy behind. In fact, Amy was more than a mentor; she viewed her as a sister. She can't ask her boyfriend Ethan to follow her to talk to her parents. It is hard enough to say goodbye to him now, but she is leaving with wonderful memories and wants them to remain friends.

Meanwhile, Ricky's brother, Ethan, is trying to find a way to convince his girlfriend Kathy to stay. His foster parent, Margaret, thinks it is a terrible idea for him to fly with her to Houston to argue with her parents. On the other hand, his other foster parent, Shakur thinks it is manly of him to stand up for his lady. Additionally, he is glad that Ethan came to speak with them about his plans rather than sneaking around behind their backs. In the end, they agree to let him go to prove his love.

Amy is still set on an Independence Day wedding, and shows Ricky the $25 dress she purchased at a thrift store. He is appalled at the gown, which he calls "dirty," "used," and "too big" for her. She vows to wear the soon-to-be-altered dress no matter what her friends or family think. Ricky thinks she is having doubts and is willing to use any excuse to get in a fight to get out of the wedding.

Amy decides to show off her new dress, starting with a visit to Grace and Jack.

After a near death experience, Jack wants to live life to the fullest with Grace. Jack is stunned that she would want to honor her commitment to marriage in that outfit.

Adrian thinks Amy has lost her mind, and offers to let her borrow her dress. Her reasoning is that a friend's gown would be better than a stranger's. She tells Omar that Amy's dress is a reflection of her waning feelings for Ricky.

Amy texts Ben a picture of her in her wedding dress. As Ben is looking at the message, his new sister Chloe appears at his door. Noting that she is good at reading emotions, she manages to get Ben to admit that Ricky and Amy aren't technically married. She later lets it slip to Leo as the reason for Ben's recent crazy antics. Leo eases up on Ben, suggesting he have fun for the rest of his senior year, and travel to Italy during the summer. Ben, however, would rather stay to see Ricky and Amy get married.

Arriving home, Amy tells Ricky that he has been outvoted and the dress is fine. He brings the trophy with him to bed and asks if she has a problem with it since she laid it out for him in the middle of the kitchen table. Amy is upset that Clementine saved the trophy for him all of these years. The only explanation is that she is in love with him. She accuses Ricky of not being invested in their relationship.

In the morning, she apologizes to him. Whether or not they said "I do," she feels as though they are married and is happy with him.

After she leaves for school, he dumps the trophy in the trash. Immediately changing his mind, Ricky puts the statue in his backpack. At the coffeehouse, he returns it to Clementine. She reveals she has an entire set of his baseball trophies because he was the only good part of her childhood, and lets her eyes linger on him for a little too long as he exits.

Meanwhile, Amy runs into Ben in the halls at their high school. When he asks her about the picture, she says that she was looking for sympathy because she and Ricky were fighting, and she knew Ben was always on her side. She admits to him that she's not happy, and is tired of pleasing everyone. She loves Ricky, but is scared that their marriage will fail. Additionally, she regrets going out with Ben because he has been unable to get over her since their breakup. Amy states that he deserves to find someone.

In a spur of the moment decision, Ben decides to drive Ethan to the airport so he can meet up with Kathy, whose flight leaves in an hour. Ben's dad upgrades their seats to first-class, where Kathy is elated to see Ethan sitting next to her.

Ricky's mother, Nora, is not pleased that Anne and her AA sponsor, Willadean, are still dating. George thinks this is because she is in love with one of them. Nora is protective, warning Willadean to treat Anne well.

Anne finds out that George ran into her ex-boyfriend David, and that he now has twins of his own. David returns believing that he is Robbie's father and wants Anne to take a paternity test to be certain.



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