'Secret Life of the American Teenager' recap: Season 5, Episode 14

By Sarah McClanahan,

On this episode of Secret Life, Omar proposes to Adrian, and both Ben and Ricky make shocking realizations about their love lives.

Ben runs into the school counselor and divulges that he drove Ethan to the airport to fight for Kathy to stay in California.

However, on the drive, he realized that Amy was not his first love. On the first day of school, Alice selected Amy as Ben's future girlfriend because Grace was out of his reach. At the time, he was obsessed with her, but she was into Ricky. Sadly, he realizes that throughout the years nothing has changed. She is still in love with Ricky while he pines away for her. He enjoyed feeling like she needed him, and had sympathy because she was pregnant at the time. Suddenly, Ben has an epiphany. He is finally over Amy, and feels free.

Surrounded by happiness and clarity, he forgets to pick up his new sister, Chloe, after school and she is visibly upset that she did not have her older brother to protect her during her first day at the new school. Additionally, she believes that Ben is living vicariously through Ethan, attempting to make his first love work because his did not with Amy.

While waiting at a booth for what was supposed to be a family dinner, Ben realizes he has been set up when Dylan arrives, unaware of the situation, too. He abruptly asks her out, to which she rejects him politely.

At her house in Texas, Kathy's parents are angry that Ethan tagged along with her on the way home. They think she is too young to be in a serious relationship and believe there should be shame and guilt associated with her pregnancy. She shouldn't be able to have fun and date, acting as if nothing has changed. Her dad tempts Ethan, daring him to "Hit me" but Kathy and her mom intervene before Ethan can respond.

Ethan tells them that he knows he will marry their daughter, and that he has never loved anybody the way he loves her. He agrees to get castrated if they will allow her to stay in California. Kathy adds that she cannot go back in time and change her actions, so she should not be punished for them forever. Moreover, she likes life in California and is starting to settle down. Her parents agree to let her stay at least until the end of the school year. Kathy and Ethan simultaneously tell each other, "I love you."

Omar is leaving his position as a student teacher at Grant High, hoping to get his first real teaching job soon. First, he has an interview for a production job.

At home with Adrian, he proposes to her, hiding the ring in the midst of a bag of groceries. Adrian accepts, but mentions that she doesn't want to have kids until after college. Omar agrees, and reveals that he brought an idea to the interview he took part in. His vision was to film teachers and their lesson plans for those who cannot easily accommodate normal schooling. By selling his idea, he earned $1 million.

Ricky speaks with his therapist about his views on Amy. He believes her rag of a wedding dress is symbolic that she is not invested in their relationship and doesn't love him. He is tired of arguing with her and of her in general. He wants something uncomplicated like he had with Adrian, but he wouldn't cheat because he is committed to forming the perfect family for John.

Grace's brother Tom lies to Tammy, feigning commitment and the promise that she can move in with him, so he can sleep with her. He is not in love with her, but views her as a special girl.

Grace suggests her mom went back to George because she is a lazy dater. She already knew him, so there was never any initial awkwardness. Her mom cites her hypocrisy as she is seeing her first love, Jack, possibly out of convenience as well.

Jack's arm and leg are still broken from when the pimp beat him within an inch of his life. However, he wants Grace to drive him to the emergency room so they can take the casts off. After accepting Christianity into his life again, he believes that all of his bones have healed. If this is true, he vows to become a minister. However, the doctors believe otherwise and tell Jack that he needs to keep the casts on for a few more weeks.

George tells David that he had a paternity test a long time ago and realized that Robbie was not his child. However, he has been raising him as his own son from day one. David is furious and demands full custody, stating that George may be granted visitation rights during the transition.

How much more can Ricky take? Will he go back with Adrian or Clementine? Is Ben truly over Amy? Is Ethan and Kathy's relationship as perfect as it seems?



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