Is Selena Gomez callling Justin Bieber a 'douchebag' in her recent YouTube post? (Video)

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Is Selena Gomez sending a message to Justin Bieber? The 20-year-old Spring Breakers actress posted a video of her and her friends dancing to Dustin Tavella’s, “Everybody Knows (Your Boyfriend is a Douchebag),” which comes at a most opportune time as her ex-beau’s behavior in London has been dubbed less than pleasing.

Gomez and her gal-pals frequently post random dance videos, but this video seems only fitting following speculations that Bieber was unfaithful to the former Disney starlet in addition to his controversial behavior over the last week.

The video was posted on Gomez’s personal YouTube page earlier this week, New York Daily News reports. The video shows Gomez and her pals dancing and singing along with the words.

At one point Gomez is seen looking into the camera lip synching the words, “Your boyfriend is a douchebag.”

What do you think? Subtle jab or playful fun? Check out the video below:



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