Seven California children missing, police suspect estranged father took them

By Daniel S Levine,

Police in Fresno, California are searching for seven children who disappeared from their home Saturday. Officials suspect that their estranged father took them.

According to NBC News, the children range from ages five to 12. They had been staying with their mother and stepfather, who had left them alone to get groceries.

The Fresno Police Department believe that their father “picked up all of the children.” His name is Xa Yang and lives in Sacramento, 170 miles from Fresno.

Reuters reports that their mother called police immediately when she returned to find them and their luggage missing. She and Xa Yang are divorced.

Police, who don’t suspect foul play since there was no sign of a struggle, note that Xa Yang had been estranged from his children “for at least three years.”

While no “Amber Alert” was issued, police ask that anyone with information call (559) 621-2499 or (559) 621-7000.

According to The Associated Press, the children’s names are:
Chee Nou Yang, 12
Cha Meng Yang, 11
Zia Yang, 10
Chue Feng Yang, 8
Zang Yang, 7
Tria Yang, 6
Tou Ger Yang, 5



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