Shaq bests former pop star Aaron Carter in a long-awaited rematch

By Catherine Silver,

Retired basketball big man Shaquille O’Neal finally got his revenge on pop star Aaron Carter in a one-on-one basketball match.

Before the era of Justin Bieber, Aaron Carter, brother of Backstreet Boy Nick Carter, was an icon of the pre-teen generation. In his music video “That’s How I Beat Shaq,” the singer described in detail the never-actually-happened, fantastical event in which he, at the tender age of 13, bested the former Lakers star in a one-on-one match The Smoking Section comically refers to the game as “sport’s greatest upset.”

Twelve years later, 41-year-old Shaq finally gets his revenge on a now 25-year-old Carter in a rematch. And he captured it on video.

The Huffington Post reported Shaq opening the video with a statement: “Nothing compares to the pain of my 2001 loss to teenage heartthrob Aaron Carter.”

This time Carter wasn’t so lucky — Shaq demolishes him in the rematch.

The video was posted as part of Shaq’s truTV series, ‘Upload with Shaquille O’Neal.’

Check out the new video below!



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