Single mom fired for selling Girl Scout cookies

By Deana DeLisio,

A single mom has been fired for selling Girl Scout cookies for her twelve year old daughter.

According to Fox News, Tracy Lewis of Washington D.C., was fired from an American University because she had Girl Scout cookies on her cart.

“I had the cookies on a cart, and I would never as anyone to buy them,” said Lewis, “But, if they wanted to buy some, I would sell them.”

Lewis had been working for Bon Appetit, which offers food services to the members and students of the university, for 28 years. She was called into her boss’ office on Feb. 18.

A termination letter was granted to Lewis and claims that she is responsible for “gross misconduct by soliciting,” and “operating a personal cash business selling Girl Scout cookies over the counter which violates company policy,” explained The Washington Times.

“They didn’t give me any warning,” she said. “It’s crazy because I can’t profit for selling the cookies. It’s a volunteer position. I was just trying to help my daughter raise money for trips and stuff like that.”

Lewis claims that she has been doing this for her daughter for the past three years.



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