Small plane crashes into three Indiana homes

By Alexi Knock,

Two people were killed and three are injured after a small plane crashed into three homes in South Bend, Indiana on Sunday afternoon.

According to The Chicago Tribune, the private Hawker Beachcraft jet took off from Tulsa, Oklahoma. FAA spokeswoman Elizabeth Isham Cory told The Chicago Tribune that the pilot had radioed the South Bend airport tower stating that he was having electrical issues. After several attempts to reach his destination, the airplane crashed into the homes.

Two people have died and three others were taken to the hospital. Out of the three, one is in serious condition and has undergone surgery. Officials have not confirmed if the two that died were in the plane or struck in their homes.

Assistant Fire Chief John Corthier told the South Bend Tribune that the situation is an ongoing rescue mission and the entire block of houses has been evacuated due to potential dangers with leaking jet fuel. Residents were taken to a Red Cross emergency shelter.



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