Steve Carell wears ‘Burt Wonderstone’ costume in the bedroom for wife Nancy Walls, says he feels 'incredibly sexy'

By Markirah Shaw,

Actor Steve Carell says he wears his sparkly, skin-tight Burt Wonderstone costumes at home to keep his 18-year marriage with SNL alumn, Nancy Walls, interesting.

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone is a comedy that follows the title character (Carell) and his lifelong friend, Anton Marvelton, as they perform excessively theatrical yet dated magic shows on the Las Vegas strip. An edgy street magician tests their professional and personal relationship with his contemporary, attention-grabbing illusions. In the end, Wonderstone’s childhood idol reminds him that performing magic is really about heart and talent.

Among the many costumes Carell wore for the Las Vegas performance scenes was a blonde mane-like wig and a bedazzled, purple velvet jumpsuit. He told BringMeTheNews.com, “As outlandish as all the wigs and costumes are, they’re not really that far from the truth in the world of Vegas. We wanted the movie to have that sense of reality and sense of accessibility, too.”

Aol Entertainment reports that Carell and Walls have been married since 1995, so Carell brought his colorful costumes home to entertain his wife. The actor explained, “I feel extremely sexy. The open chested/tight pants look changes the way you carry yourself. I wear it on the weekends now….to my wife’s delight.”

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone stars Steve Buscemi as Wonderstone’s show partner, Jim Carrey as the David Blaine-esque interloper, and legendary comedian Alan Arkin as Wonderstone’s old school magic mentor.

The movie is in theaters this Friday.



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