Steven Spielberg will not direct Warner Bros.’ Moses epic, so who will?

By Daniel S Levine,

Steven Spielberg has so much going on right now that it might be hard to keep track of. Robopocalypse is on hold, Jurassic Park 4 just got a director, there’s another HBO World War II project in the works with Tom Hanks and a possible miniseries based on Stanley Kubrick’s Napoleon script. Somewhere in there, Moses got lost in the shuffle and Gods and Kings will not be directed by Spielberg.

As late as January, there were reports that Spielberg was close to signing a deal with Warner Bros. to direct its Moses epic, but in a post about upcoming projects for A-list directors, Deadline has revealed that the Lincoln director is no longer interested. The project was written by Michael Green and Stuart Hazeldine and needs to get moving now, since Fox is working on its own Moses film that Ridley Scott wants to direct.

So who could step in to save Warner Bros.? It might be Ang Lee, who surprisingly beat Spielberg at the Oscars last month for directing Life of Pi. While Lee has just committed to directing an FX pilot, Deadline reports that he’s interested in the Gods and Kings script. Lee hasn’t had any formal meetings on the project though, the site notes.

This news comes just after Spielberg revealed interest in the Napoleon project. He also delayed Robopocalypse in January, but he’s still committed to that. He’s also producing a new HBO series with Tom Hanks and Jurassic Park 4.



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