Supermodel Carol Alt gets her own show on FOX News, will give advice on health and lifestyle

By Markirah Shaw,

Celebrity Apprentice alum and legendary supermodel Carol Alt, 52, will be launching her own weekend TV show this summer on FOX News Channel. She'll be giving tips on eating right and living well.

Alt exploded onto the fashion scene at age 21 after posing on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition in 1982. She quickly became fashion’s “It girl,” appearing on over 700 magazine covers before revamping her career to become an equally prolific actress.

The business-savvy woman then made a third career change in 2007 when she became an advocate of the raw food movement. Alt wrote three guidebooks on how to achieve a healthy lifestyle by eating foods cooked at low temperatures, or “raw foods.”

She told Shine from Yahoo! that the inexpensive recipes found in her latest book, Easy Sexy Raw helped her cure many of her own persistent ailments including headaches and stomachaches. The book was published last year.

Huffington Post reported that, like the supermodel-turned-health expert, FOX News is also trying to change its public image from a predominantly political news broadcasting station to a more versatile media network. FOX launched an online lifestyle publication, FOX News Magazine, in June 2012. Alt’s lifestyle show will add a lighter touch to the traditionally conservative television station.



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