'Survivor: Caramoan' Recap: Season 26 Episode 6 ‘Operation Thunder Dome’

By Ida Brittany Newkirk,

After tribal council, Bikal states that Brandon got what he wanted and jokes that they are now finally united. Everyone bashes Brandon, especially Corinne and Phillip. In the midst of things, everyone agrees that the tribe will win now that Brandon is gone. Phillip enacts “Operation Thunder Bolt” and the first hit is to take out Corinne. According to Phillip, everyone on the tribe is behind him.

When the tribes arrive at what looks like a challenge, they are surprised to find out there will be a tribal switch. After smashing paint filled eggs, the new Bikal tribe became Corinne, Phillip, Matt, Dawn, Cochran, Julia and Michael. The new Gota tribe became Reynold, Malcolm, Brenda, Eddie, Sherri, Andrea and Erik. As the new tribes head back to their respective shelters, Eddie says he’s ecstatic about the switch because he now has a new life. He admits he was barely holding on in the game, but now he has hope that he will go far.

Once at camp, the new Gota tribe shares hugs around the fire. Even though the idea of the Fans teaming up to vote off the Favorites crosses Reynold’s mind, he believes that with this new switch Gota will finally win challenges.

Rey then goes to Erik and pitches to him and Malcolm that they need to vote Sherri off. On the beach, Andrea and Brenda ask Sherri about Eddie. Sherri quickly divulges the tribe disunity. She tells the two that Eddie is amazing when Reynold isn’t around and that Reynold is the real problem. Andrea tells the audience that she likes how Sherri is spilling the tribe dirt because she still sees the game as Fans vs. Favorites.

Andrea and Malcolm go and talk in the forest. Andrea tells Malcolm that she found out that Reynold found the first immunity idol and probably has the second one for Gota. Andrea also tells Malcolm that she had a dream he had the idol. The funny thing is, everyone knows that Malcom has an immunity idol.

Over at the new Bikal, Corinne is confident that none of the Favorites on her tribe will flip. Phillip tells Julia that if she wants to make a big move in the game she needs to team up with the Favorites to take out the Fans once they merge. Julia is a little skeptical of Phillip's motives but notes that it’s difficult coming into a new tribe when you aren’t the majority, so she reluctantly agrees.

Phillip then goes to Corinne and tells her about the conversation he had with Julia. Corinne listens, but, once Phillip is gone, tells the audience that she isn’t happy with Phillip's actions. She goes on to say the Favorites don’t need to get Julia to flip; they need to find the idol. She also admits to thinking about voting Phillip off.

At the immunity challenge, Jeff tells the tribes that two members of each tribe must race out and collect a crate. Once all the crates are collected, the tribe must create a stair that spells out Fans vs Favorites. The first team to complete the stair wins immunity.

From the beginning, the challenge was dominated by Gota. In the first two legs of the race, Gota took an early lead over Bikal. Bikal tried to catch up, but it was no use because their tribe mate Julia slowed them down tremendously. Gota was able to bring back all their crates first and made quick work on the puzzle with the help of Malcolm, who led the team. Bikal’s leader for the puzzle was Julia, but she appeared flustered when dictating orders.

Gota sped through the puzzle and won immunity. As both tribes left the challenge arena, Phillip made it perfectly clear that he wants Corinne out. He notes, however, that the Favorites need to beat the Fans, so he will leave her in the game for a little while longer.

Before tribal council, Phillip speaks to the tribe. In his speech, he lets the tribe know that he knows they did their best that day. He also goes on to say that sometimes the better tribe wins. Away from the tribe, Corinne tells the audience that it appears as though Phillip is the leader of the tribe because he does outrageous things and no one says anything. She admits that he is super annoying, but acknowledges that he’s beneficial.

Matt goes to Phillip and asks who he thinks will go. Phillip immediately says a girl. Matt pleads with Phillip to allow him to stay. Michael walks up and jokingly asks “Is it time to plead our case to Phillip?” Phillip tells the two he wants Julia to go because she didn’t do well at the challenge.

Phillip also tells Matt and Michael that he knows they will be assets moving forward, especially in the merge. Phil lets the two know that they can become members of ‘Stealth R Us’ if they follow his directions.

Shortly after, Julia asks Michael and Matt who they think is going to go. They both say they don’t know. Julia tells them they should vote for a Favorite. Michael agrees and says Cochran would be the best choice. Julia disagrees and says Dawn would be the best choice. Matt then tells the audience that he’s not writing down Dawn's name even though that’s what Julia suspects.

On the other side of the beach, Corinne asks Michael and Matt who they plan to vote for. Matt tells Corinne he will vote any way she wants him to. Back by the shelter, Phillip, Corinne and Cochran all discuss who to vote off. Immediately the question of the idol’s whereabouts comes to play. The Favorites are nervous that one of the Fans has an idol. Cochran thinks that Matt needs to go because he believes Matt has the idol. Philip jumps in and says Julia has to go because he feels they could flip Matt and Michael easily down the road. Corinne agrees with Phillip.

At tribal council, Matt tells Jeff he was super stoked when the game switched up. Julia says that she believes the Fans may be in trouble since the Favorites are the majority in their tribe. Phillip says that when it comes to his vote he’s looking for a loyal, trustworthy and challenge winner. Corinne admits to Jeff that she is paranoid about the immunity idol. She also states that she believes one of the three Fans have it.

Matt jumps in and tells Jeff he talked to Corinne about the immunity idol and told her he doesn’t have it. Corinne says that she wants to believe that he doesn’t have it but in Survivor it’s not smart to play your whole hand at once. She also notes that if one of them Fans do have the immunity idol they can regain footing within the tribe and possibly vote out all the Favorites. When it came time to vote, the Favorites decided to vote off Matt.

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